ateliermobile#4 stura

observation, info and rest pavillion

by atelier mobile


Along the stura river and the irrigation canals, aside the hydroelectric plant “centrale fernando olivero” in six days of atelier it was built a timber pavilion: a resting point for cyclist, walkers and horse riders, an open area under the shadow of a walnut and an apple tree, with seats in front of three main frames opened towards the main features of the surrounding landscape.

The pavilion will be completed with info panels describing the surrounding landscape and the irrigation canals system


atelier mobile_sara ambrosoli, luca barello, paolo cavallo, paolo golinelli, luca malvicino

atelier participants_mary farwy, maria elena ferraresi, beatrice gamba, danilo marcuzzo, alessia sciotto, yichen song, niccolò suraci, lu yu, sammy zarka (building system+workshop), lorenzo bottiglieri, laura cane, fabrizio fraraccio (workshop), giulia cerrato (building system)

falegnami/carpenters_daniele ambrosoli, mattia carrera, alberto seita

referente accademico/academic tutor_chiara devoti