This Modern Bus Looks More Like a Living Room Than a City Bus!

A new company called Leap is revolutionizing the way San Franciscans get to work

by Angelica Marino
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Comfort, design, and efficiency are often the last things you think of when you think of public transportation. Well, a brand new endeavor in San Francisco called Leap is revolutionizing morning commutes with its sleekly designed, technologically advanced bus that looks “more like a living room than a city bus!”



Leap takes the stress out of your commute by providing everything you’ve ever dreamed of in public transportation. The bus is never more than 15 minutes away and the tech-friendly Leap App allows users to track the exact position of the bus in real time along with the number of available seats. And forget rummaging for loose change in your pockets, riders can either scan their digital pass on board or print a paper ticket in advance!  



Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Leap bus is its design. The back area features a comfy, sofa-style seating which encourages rider interaction, while the front hosts roomy single seaters for those who prefer to zone out on their way to work. The middle section boasts a laptop bar with stools for anyone looking to check emails or surf the web. The bus is equipped with USB ports, powering devices, and wi-fi.



Snacks are available on board and can be purchased via app. Healthy, local, organic options are available for those looking for re-fuel while on the go! The express route travels from Lombard Street to Downtown, with new routes  being created upon user request. Is this the future of public transportation? I sure hope so!


  • Emma Peel

    there are only a few ways to save the world, and there are two that all of us who have an IQ in the upper quintile can do RIGHT NOW. stop driving. walk/bus/train/PUBLIC transit. and birth control.

  • . scotshot

    No mention of a lift for wheelchairs. Where's the space for mom/dad with a stroller It appears the design cuts out 50% of the seating to give that hip lounge feeling. Carrying half the passengers basically doubles your costs. Two busses are needed to carry passengers as compared to a regular bus. If the bus is crowded where are the straps and rails. Perfect for spoiled tech brats.

  • Christos Floros

    one bus for hipsters ? thanks no. in the video there isn't a single shot for disabled or elder people, also there is no room for bicycles, even from a hipster point of view it's not complete. The approach in the design leaves out people who use mostly public transit.. So there is only design the comfort and efficiency is not for everyone its away from a public use..