David Jameson's NaCl House: breaking away from tradition

A imperfect and almost “uncouth” block inspired by natural mineral formations

by Malcolm Clark
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The NaCl house, designed by architect David Jameson in the town of Bethesda, Maryland, in the United States, breaks away from the traditional standard of horizontally stratified houses.

NaCl aims at making a clear spatial organisation of the project and at exploring an architecture whose scale is ambiguous. The resulting volume reveals “an imperfect and almost “uncouth” form that looks like natural mineral formations”.

In its external composition, the structure can be read as a single object which reflects an internal fluid and comfortable dynamism in which light penetrates almost without finding obstructions. The glass panels, almost 'disconnected' from the building's structure, are flush with the external surface to eliminate shadows which might prevent a clear understanding of the scale of the construction.

    NaCl house 91

    NaCl house

    Bethesda MD / United States / 2011