This Zen Flower Garden is Just What You Need to Get Into the Spring Spirit

teamLab's newest installation is a floating flower garden that lifts up when visitors walk through it

by Angelica Marino
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Our modern lives are brimming with technology. From means of transportation, to home appliances, to hand-held electronics, it’s becoming increasingly easy to forget there’s a natural world beyond our touch screens. teamLab Architect's latest installation is a statement which proves modern technology and nature can be combined to create something truly spectacular which puts nature at the forefront. Floating Flower garden is just that, a hanging garden of flowers which lift out of the way to make room for visitors as they pass through it.

The installation was inspired by ancient Japanese Zen gardens, places which were inhabited by priests seeking to become one with nature. This installation features 2,300 live flowers in full bloom. Each flower was partnered with an insect which heightens the scent of the flower as it moves.

As visitors walk through the space, the flowers shift up and down, in cadence with their movements. Thus, each person is constantly surrounded by their own bubble of space which allows them to observe the flowers closely without physically touching them. If a group of visitors walks closely together through the hanging garden, the space widens to form one single space.

The Interactive Flower Garden installation can be visited at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan until May 10th 2015