Rem Koolhaas reinterprets a disused building in the centre of Moscow

Gorky Park will house the new offices of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

by Malcolm Clark
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On April 27, at the ICA in London, Rem Koolhaas, the founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.), officially presented his development project for the new base of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, the art gallery located in Moscow, founded in 2008 by Daria Zhukova inside an old bus station built in 1927.

By 2013 the cultural complex will move to the heart of the Russian capital inside Gorky Park, incorporating an old disused prefabricated concrete building which was used in the 1970's as a restaurant called Vremena Goda, but has not been open since the 1990's.

Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas has thought up a dual layer polycarbonate cladding for the new layout including two levels of exhibition galleries but also offices, a bookshop, an auditorium, a recreational centre for children, educational areas and a restaurant.

The future base of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture will not be of majestic proportions as it will occupy an overall area of 5,400 square metres. The subsequent hypothesis envisages the restoration of a second hexagonal pavilion to go with the one being built, reactivating another abandoned building a short way from the first.

    Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 36

    Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

    Moscow / Russian Federation / 2015