Plays on mirrors and reflections in Bernaskoni's Mirror Mongayt

Rectangular mirror sheets 'dilute' the house into the surrounding environment

by Malcolm Clark
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The young Russian designer Boris Bernaskoni has designed the Mirror Mongayt house by devising a façade made up of mirror pixels which make the structure dissolve into the surrounding environment by reflecting the sky and the forest.

The house, whose bearing structure is made up of a prefabricated wooden slab, covers 270 sq m. The front façade is almost designed as temporary architecture because it sheds its skin every eight years.

A house which follows Bernaskoni's traditional design, made up of pixelated elements and reflections, simple forms inspired by local architecture. In this case the static and elementary form underlines the dynamic component of the buildings: the façade, made up of rectangular mirror sheets fixed by means of metallic brackets, distanced slightly from the external wall.

    Mirror Mongayt 29

    Mirror Mongayt

    Moscow / Russian Federation / 2011