Art, architecture and design meet in the new NU Hotel

Nisi Magnoni and Sabrina Gallini's design is unique in Italy

by Malcolm Clark
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The NU Hotel was officially opened in Milan on 16 April. An Art Hotel owned by businessman Massimo Gao whose project is designed by architects Nisi Magnoni and Sabrina Gallini.

NU Hotel is a unique project: 38 rooms surrounding a great atrium which provides a vertical division of the six floor structure. This solution is unique in Italy and has been permitted as a departure from the building laws in force, which imposes slaps and covering every two floors. The project is based on the will to create an Art hotel full of innovative solutions tailored in all their elements: from the suspended beds, to the open wardrobes, from the leather seats to the irregular shaped rooms. Strong material contrasts between the outside and the inside: carbonised wooden doors, untreated iron and bushhammered concrete walls blend with the purity of the uncluttered rooms.

A style partially famous in Milan thanks to the Japanese restaurants owned by the Gao family, first and foremost the NU Pure Asian Cuisine, the precursor twelve years ago of a choice of style based on the duality of Italian design/Japanese food.

“We are proud of what we have created” - states Massimo Gao. “With this project my family and I would like to bring the trade mark MU to a new market along with all the values that our brand has always represented: quality, style, devotion, genuineness”.

On the sixth floor, the terrace, there is the Nu Italian Restaurant with its Contemporary Food proposals. A transparent gem of glass and hundreds of lamps that create a starry sky, the worthy completion of a work of art.

    NU Hotel 79

    NU Hotel

    Milan / Italy / 2012