Simplicity and sobriety for Paz Arquitectura's Casa Luz

A strong identity and in direct relation with the surrounding natural environment

by Malcolm Clark
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Paz Arquitectura's Casa Luz is located in a residential area in Guatemala City and seeks to create an identity and a direct relation with the natural environment. The structure of the building has been modified by converting it into a structure with concrete frames. Thin wooden formwork have been used to leave a permanent mark on the fairfaced concrete with the purpose of highlighting the structural elements and highlighting the construction methods and local materials.

The project of the external windows and doors with a thin floor-to-ceiling frame was created in order to obtain windows with as much light as possible so as to bring together the interior and exterior environment. The existing vegetation was been kept so that by opening the windows there is a direct visual contact with the surrounding nature.

The colour white has been used for the floors and walls with the intent of helping the diffusion of natural light. Materials like tempered glass, wood and fairfaced concrete have, on the other hand, been used along with natural colours to create a simple and unpretentious architecture.

    Casa Luz 181

    Casa Luz

    Muxbal, Ciudad de Guatemala / Guatemala / 2010