Bring 50 Shades of Gray into YOUR Bedroom

Architecturally-sexy gray bedrooms that’ll make you forget you’re single on Valentine’s Day

by Angelica Marino
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Ah, Valentines Day. For many of you it’ll be all about roses, candles, chocolate, and romance. For others, it’ll be nothing more than a yearly reminder that you are single. Maybe you’re reaching the ‘settling-doesn’t-sound-so-bad’ age and your mom has officially given up hope on ever having grandchildren. Whatever your case may be, an entire day filled with enamored couples swapping gifts, cards, and saliva in broad daylight may be enough to make some people want to stay in bed all day and take refuge. As with all things in life, I say, if you’re going to do it, do it in style! And if your bedrooms look anything like the one in The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam, staying in would be a treat far more sweet than V-day chocolates! Ogle with me, people!



The Line Hotel is located in LA and its décor is a direct reflection of the upbeat culture that surrounds it. The concrete wall, wooden furniture, and floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom give a rugged look that is at the same time clean and essential.



In direct opposition to the extravangance of the Das Stue Hotel, the bedrooms make use of muted tones which exude clarity and comfort. Patterned textiles add just a splash of color, which liven up the dark walls and parquet floor.



The wooden elements and dark drapery in this bedroom in HOTEL SP34  add a touch of bohemia to the space. The result is the perfect combination of luxury and style.



The architectural project Space is Luxury is a direct attempt to make a tight space aesthetically pleasing. This bedroom proves that doing so is possible. The bed disappears into the ceiling via a lifting system, offering maximum space in this minimal, gorgeous, gray space.



Plants surround the entire façade of Stacking Green and peek through the walls of this bedroom. The gray walls and wood flooring harmonize the entire look and give it a natural feel.



The bedroom in Chalet Béranger is linear, yet fluid; minimal, yet textured. The contrasting walls, curtain, and headboard are somehow continuous and exude an ultra-modern look.



The bedroom in With a dream about KENZO makes use of dark tones and industrial columns to create a truly dreamy atmosphere. The pendant VIBIA lamp creates a dichotomy of forms and adds to the softness of the room.



The bedroon in 6th 1448 Houghton ZM utilizes linear patters in keeping with the architecture of the home. The soft textures, natural lgihting, and subtle color palette make it essential, comfortable, and absolutely indulgent.


Happy Valentine's Day, Archilovers!


    The Exchange Hotel 123

    The Exchange Hotel

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2011

    The Line Hotel 26

    The Line Hotel

    Los Angeles / United States / 2014

    Das Stue Hotel 141

    Das Stue Hotel

    Berlin / Germany / 2012

    HOTEL SP34 74

    HOTEL SP34

    Copenhagen / Denmark / 2014

    Space is Luxury 254

    Space is Luxury

    Taormina / Italy / 2011

    Stacking Green 240

    Stacking Green

    Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam / 2012

    Chalet Béranger 181

    Chalet Béranger

    St Martin de Belleville / France / 2011

    With a dream of KENZO 96

    With a dream of KENZO

    Kyiv / Ukraine / 2013

    6th 1448 Houghton ZM 211

    6th 1448 Houghton ZM

    Johannesburg / South Africa / 2012