Housing Perovo: a series of sculptural wooden panels

Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti designs a housing estate in the Slovenian Alps

by Malcolm Clark
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The houses in Perovo, designed by the Slovenian architects dekleva gregorič arhitekti, are located in a central position with an exceptional view over the Slovenian Alps. The view is not the only characteristic of this place and the houses dominate over the valley. Dekleva gregorič arhitekti were assigned the job of creating a quality living environment for future residents and of re-qualifying and redefining the housing estate which had a rather confused and discordant layout.

The result consists of structured volumes with a simple architectural approach: the ground floor is designed to operate as the “pedestal” of the house which supports two smaller volumes with extremely accentuated sloping roofs. The smaller upper units with a continual cladding made up of wooden panels, make an important contribution to the overall external effect.

    Housing Razgledi Perovo 155

    Housing Razgledi Perovo

    Perovo, Kamnik / Slovenia / 2011