Dramatic Arts school on the island of Tenerife

gpy arquitectos' blend of concrete, wood, glass and natural light

by Malcolm Clark
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The Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts, designed by gpy arquitectos, is located in the high part of  Santa Cruz de Tenerife and boasts an exclusive panoramic view which ranges from the landscape of the Macizo de Anaga mountains to the majestic Atlantic Ocean and to the urban context of the capital of what is famous for being the largest and most urbanised city on the Canary Islands.

The building, created by local architects Juan Antonio González Pérez, Félix Perera and Urbano Yanes Tuña, is designed to exploit the varying height of the plot on which it is located: the entrance to the structure which has several underground levels is located at the same level as the covering terrace.

The representative space is what defines and guides the creation of the work, like an enormous stage where the different scenes are connected and held together by a zig-zag ramp made of reinforced concrete.

The building combines wood, glass and concrete, added to which there is natural light filtered into the internal spaces which assumes a 'material' role of constructive element.

    Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts 38

    Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife / Spain / 2009