Anti-Cubicle Offices That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job

Companies around the world are trading in humdrum offices for over-the-top work stations

by Angelica Marino
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We know, you’ve been saying it for years, but now it’s scientifically proven: sitting for hours in a boring cubicle is bad for you. Brainy researchers and PhD-wielding experts have invested time and money into proving this seemingly obvious point, and the extent of it may surprise you. Diabetes, depression, muscular problems, and reduced productivity are only a few of the issues associated with being desk-bound throughout the work day, and companies are starting to take stock. Open, colorful spaces, lush greenery, and encouraged movement are replacing old offices, and the effects on employee enthusiasm must be soaring. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few extra hours at work when your office looks like this?  



Google EMEA Engineering Hub Zurich is a 12,000 m2 maze of delight. The 800 person staff works in a space which was literally tailor made for their well-being. That’s right, a number of “Zooglers” were recruited to review and approve each step of the design process, so as to ensure employee satisfaction. The result is a high-energy space which celebrates and encourages individuality, creativity, and innovation.  Micro-kitchens provide snacks and drinks at any time of day, a massage spa keeps tense muscles at bay, an aquarium water lounge provides relaxation, and numerous game rooms make boredom impossible!  



Onefootball Headquarters is a bright, open space which allows for pressure-free teamwork. Its layout perfectly reflects the company’s enthusiasm for all things football. The walls are composed of magnetic, rewritable surfaces to support brainstorming sessions and easy communication. A green runway covers the entire floorplan and leads to various goals to encourage the occasional penalty kick between meetings.



Splashes of color and encouraging quotes make it impossible to slack off at Apos2 . The space is divided into primary colors and each floor has a title: First Step, Keep Going, and To Be Continued. I’m inspired just typing it. The office space ensures that all employees have a comfortable working area and a playful pictogram illustrates the company’s design philosophy for all to see.



Second Home is a revolutionary work and culture space. The layout perfectly accommodates group work as well as those who prefer to work alone, in silence. A totally open space is speckled with private, transparent,  sound-proof booths. The result is a workspace which boasts the best of both worlds. 1,000 hydroponically-nourished plants add to the cool, calm, and work-conducive ambience.



This is probably as close as anyone will ever come to working in an actual zen garden. Office Greenhouse owes its efficient, yet relaxed feel to one giant piece of multifunctional furniture which connects the desks, the rest area, the kitchen area, and several giant trees, all in one, perfect, harmonious swoop. 



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Google EMEA Engineering Hub Zurich 139

Google EMEA Engineering Hub Zurich

Zurich / Switzerland / 2008

Onefootball Headquarters 42

Onefootball Headquarters

Berlin / Germany / 2014

Apos2 65


Bangkok / Thailand / 2014

Second Home 41

Second Home

London / United Kingdom / 2014

Office Greenhouse 115

Office Greenhouse

Riga / Latvia / 2012