Japan: Kengo Kuma's hotel Ginzan Onsen Fujiya

Wood, bamboo and soft lights for relaxation and caring for your spirit

by Malcolm Clark
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The Ginzan Onsen Fujiya is a completely wooden hotel 4 storeys high designed by Kengo Kuma in the prefecture of Yamagata.

The existing façade has been restructured using the centuries-old wood of the original structure, whereas the internal space has been reorganised by inserting an atrium. This element is surrounded by a delicate 'screen' made up of 4 mm thick bamboo panels  (Sumushiko).

The openings on the external façade screened by bamboo guarantee the soft and welcoming light inside and create a space to relax and 'heal' the spirit, integrating the beneficial effects of bathing in the spa.

    Ginzan Onsen Fujiya 348

    Ginzan Onsen Fujiya

    Yamagata / Japan / 2008