Ever Wanted To Take a Roller Coaster Ride Through Someone’s House? Now You Can!

Houses Become Theme Parks With ABN Ambro’s Newest Selling Pitch

by Angelica Marino
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Buying or selling your house can be a tedious task and countless home viewings tend to become a hassle both for buyers and sellers. To combat this, the Dutch company ABN ABRO is offering their customers a new and fun way to view and showcase homes in an attempt to generate more sales. A roller coaster is set up to transport viewers through the various parts of the home, offering perhaps the most enjoyable home tour ever!



This opportunity is available throughout December and can be booked on the company website. The tour twists and turns through each section of the house, as depicted by a video clip posted by the company.



The video shows smiling customers in a roller coaster car as they dip into the basement, zip through the kitchen and living room, zoom through the veranda, soar up to the bedroom and plunge back down around the garden. What a fun way to check out a house!