Check Out This Jaw Dropping Christmas Tree Made of Logs!

A Christmas tree made of firewood aims to help the needy in Budapest

by Angelica Marino
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Christmas is just around the corner and if you find yourself overwhelmed by shopping, cooking, and decorating, this article may be just what you need to take you back to the essential meaning of Christmas. This year, Hello Wood is reaching out to the community by creating a giant Christmas tree made of firewood in the central square of Budapest. All of the firewood used for the project will be distributed to needy families in January.



The tree is called “Charity Tree” as it begs spectators to call to mind the many families who have trouble heating their homes in Budapest. The studio has created this initiative in keeping with the changing role of architecture. They state that the global economic crisis has caused a shift, and that the goal is now to meet the needs of the general public, not just the small percentage of wealthy people.




The “Charity Tree” project is a joint initiative between Hello Wood, Design Terminal, and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. The structure is 11 meters high and houses a sacred inner space where people can reflect. The installation took 5000 pieces of firewood and five 24 hour work days to construct. As the successor to last year’s extremely successful Hello Wood's Christmas Tree project, it offers a unique aesthetic to the surroundings, especially when illuminated by special lighting effects created by Philips Hungary.




Hello Wood's Christmas Tree 7

Hello Wood's Christmas Tree

Budapest / Hungary / 2013