A Biodiversity Centre which blends in with the agricultural landscape

A fine project from a young architectural office in southern Spain, Cuac Arquitectura

by Malcolm Clark
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The Biodiversity Centre of Loja is contributing to the fame of the young architecture office Cuac Arquitectura, founded by Tomas García Píriz and Jose Luis Muñoz, both born in 1978.

Loja is a Spanish town in Andalusia, between Granada and Malaga. It is an ancient typical Andalusian town overlooked by the remains of the Muslim Alcazaba (fortress). Its economy is above all based on agriculture, particularly organic products of which it is one of the most important centres in Spain.

This building is specifically designed to fit in with a new programme based on consciousness, protection and promotion of the Loja area and its sustainable agriculture. The new building will also house a training programme for farmers and high school students and a research programme for the treatment of the characteristic seeds of the area.

The project aims at blending in with the spectacular landscape which surrounds it, adapting to the previously existing parts and using them as natural building materials: the remains of a small agricultural shelter, the great tree and the topography.

A new architecture which communicates with the remains of spontaneous architecture and grows in the shade of a tree, constructing its relation with the landscape from inside.

    Biodiversity Centre 69

    Biodiversity Centre

    Loja / Spain / 2011