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Amsterdam Light Festival 2014 until the 18 January

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EVENT _  Amsterdam Light Festival has switched on the lights of the third edition of the event that illuminates streets, squares and canals around the city.
Christmas atmosphere has been complemented by light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary national and international artists like Serge Schoemaker Architects, Hagar Elazari and LIKEarchitects.

The theme for this year’s festival, ‘A Bright City’, challenges artists to create a tribute to life the city. The resulting artworks present a unique take on the modern city of Amsterdam.
We have picked out our #mustsee if you are planning to travel to Amsterdam for your Christmas holiday.

House of Cards by OGE Creative Group

The structure consists of 125 light boxes in the form of playing cards that in turn (or all at once) appear according to a preconfigured choreography. The structure has several levels; it looks like a modern church from one side and from the other, a classical structure of building blocks. The idea stemmed from childhood memories and the artists’ games with their children. Playing cards were once tremendously popular across the globe with all different cultures.

Lightbridge by TJEP

The starting point for the design of the installation is current lighting used on many of the old Amsterdam bridges: a series of simple bulbs that outline the arches. Light Bridge transforms this simple element into a monumental, dynamic, and interactive intervention that both reflects the movement of boats on the water below and the movement on the street above. When there is no traffic, Light Bridge is animated with the reflections of water ripples: creating a subtle mirage of reflections echoing between the bridge and the water surface.

On the Wings of Freedom by Aether & Hemera

On the Wings of Freedom is about the transformation of the city. The city is a place where people can continuously be inspired, not only culturally but also socially; a place for ongoing change and progress. The joyous flapping creatures in the Wertheimpark are not just a source of beauty and enjoyment, but also a request: keep the change coming. It’s what Amsterdam is all about. It’s been said that a butterfly can cause a storm. Leave it to these butterflies to cause a hurricane of light and creativity. 

Photo credits Janus van den Eijnden

Lightbridge 3


Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2014

On the Wings of Freedom 4

On the Wings of Freedom

Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2014