Would You Live in this Underwater Ocean Spiral?

Shizimu Corporation envisions our next homes below the sea

by Angelica Marino
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Okay, we get it. Our earth is environmentally doomed. Scientists, film makers, and the general media have all but hit us over the head with images of ecological catastrophes, implying that we may eventually have to abandon the world as we know in an attempt to survive.  Well, some companies are getting proactive and are coming up with solutions. Specifically, Shimizu corporation have stepped up to the plate and are ready to save us all by taking us down into a self-sufficient, modern day Atlantis called Ocean Spiral.



Ocean Spiral is an underwater city that lives off of the ocean’s resources. It offers a relatively smooth transition from our world to deep-sea living thanks to all of the amenities offered. Shizimu describes it as a comfortable environment with little to no changes in temperature. An added bonus comes in the form of education, as what better way is there to learn about the deep blue sea than to live in it? What’s more, guided tours could be given to visitors who decide to take a break from their ravaged earth and stop by to check out underwater life. Convenience is given to workers who don’t have to travel beyond the self-contained tank to get to work, as the central tower of the spiral will serve as a business area.



A giant sphere called “The Blue Garden” forms the basis of the spiral and is connected to a giant coil that reaches to the sea bed where the “Earth Factory” is located. Here, carbon dioxide is stored and resources are cultivated.



Safety is another major benefit, as the underwater structure is safe from earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters. The sphere shape of the Blue garden provides protection against surrounding water pressure and is reinforced with resin concrete.  Oxygen is monitored and a dehumidifier takes care of any humidity caused by the liquid landscape. The humidity is then removed from the air and transformed into water to be utilized by the inhabitants.



The issue of food, water, and energy is an absolute cinch. One of the benefits of living in an underwater globe is that you’re basically surrounded by fresh seafood! And if fish and seafood are not your thing, aquaculture is an integrated part of the environment. It  allows for the farming of underwater plants, so your best bet is vegetarianism. Water is desalinated and monitored and energy is converted from the ocean’s thermal energy.


Does this sound like an underwater Utopia or a silly pipe dream? Are you ready to relocate?