6 Cabins That Will Inspire Your Next Escape

Ready for some rest and relaxation in these unique bucolic spaces?

by Angelica Marino
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It seems like only weeks ago we were basking in our summer vacations, free of the hustle and bustle that comes with our normal routines. Now that fall has tightly bolted us to the daily grind, rest and relaxation seem like a distant fantasy. But a girl can dream, can’t she? And this month my daydreams have got me staying snug in a gorgeous cabin in some scenic countryside. Am I the only one just itching for the silence and tranquility offered by a cozy cabin? If you, too, are itching for a getaway, take a look at these 6 breathtaking cabins to inspire your next daydream…



If snow-capped mountains are your idea of beautiful, you’ve got to go to the WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort. It’s a totally new way to explore the Swiss Alps. Dome shaped tents propped up by wooden platforms overlook the mountains, giving you the perfect birds-eye view! The domes offer privacy, comfort, and protection from the frigid temperatures. Each cabin is furnished with large bay windows, king-sized beds, and a wood burning stove for a space that is ultra-cozy.



Dubbed “a sculpture to live in”, UFOgel is truly an architectural masterpiece. It’s made entirely of larch wood and offers inhabitants a constant view of the surrounding woods and the sky. Wood permeates the structure and offers a homey feeling thanks to its simplistic yet functional design.



CabanasNoRio must mean paradise in Portuguese, because that’s exactly what it looks like. Guests who stay in this total wood structure can gaze out at white sandy beaches, vibrant green rice fields, and a river bank all while sampling the region’s unique food and wine. The house itself is a renovation of a fisherman’s boathouse which now includes only a bedroom and an indoor/outdoor shower. The fourteen square meter home does not in any way detract from the landscape, and that’s what makes it so remarkable.



Glamping Architecture provides the perfect place to have a unique camping experience in South Korea. This high standard accommodation gives occupants a view of the surrounding stream, valley, and forest. The cabin is entirely enveloped by a fireproof and waterproof membrane which also provides UV protection. It’s functional, it’s safe, and it’s visually stunning.



HyperCubus is located in Austria, but it’s transportable so you can take it to whatever landscape you prefer. This mobile hotel room has a maximum occupancy of two, making it ideal for relaxing in solitude. It’s best suited for open areas, allowing you to connect with nature in a profound way.



Fragile Shelter is a temporary cabin in the Japanese forest. It’s used as a gathering place for events and student parties. The cozy ambience coupled with the frigid visible outdoors makes it perfect for enjoying the atmosphere with friends and family. And when illuminated at night, its glow creates a sensational effect on the surrounding woods.


Ready to escape to one of these gorgeous cabins? There's only just over a month left to Christmas vacation, so it may just be time to stop dreaming and start booking! 


    WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort 194

    WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort

    Monthey / Switzerland / 2012

    UFOgel 165


    Lienz / Austria / 2013

    CabanasNoRio 122


    Comporta / Portugal / 2013

    Glamping Architecture 89

    Glamping Architecture

    Gyeonggi / South Korea / 2013

    HyperCubus 57


    Stiria / Austria / 2012

    Fragile Shelter 88

    Fragile Shelter

    Sapporo / Japan / 2011