The ‘I am Archilovers®’ contest: Snap, Share and Win! Let the contest begin

Designers, architects and design addicts talk about Milan Design Week

by Malcolm Clark
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In occasion of the Milan Design Week
Archiportale, Archilovers and Archiproducts have decided to let designers, architects and 
design “addicts” voice their views by giving them the most important assignment: making a photo story of Saloni 2012. This is the objective of the new fun Contest “I am archilovers®”

For all those who wait expectantly every year for Milan Design Week with a curious interest and who live it to the full, the invitation from Archiportale, Archilovers and Archiproducts is Snap, Share and Win!

The Saloni provide hampers of faces, ideas and projects, a blend of habits and exceptions.

They stir creativity, tease the mind, reignite passions about news, events and meetings.

It would be unthinkable for just one person to talk about them. This is why the visitors have been given the most important viewpoint, in perfect 3.0 social style.

I am archilovers®”is a contest which rewards your freedom of movement around the booths, the locations and the events, as well as your choice of what is worth talking about and remembering.

It is inspired by promoting different viewpoints and focusses on creating the most original photo story ever made for the Milan Design Week.

It is easy to take part: just pick up your “Designer Kit”, the Archilovers App and use your skill for “zooming in”!

Here are the five steps for aspiring archilovers:

     1. Create your account on

     2. Download the archilovers® App

     3. Use the App to take photos of what you like most. The photos will be immediately online on your Archilovers profile

     4. Enter the hashtag #salone2012 or #fuorisalone in the description

     5. You are done: your photos are streamed live to the homepage of archilovers and to the Milan Design Week special

The best ones will win a valuable opportunity of an internship at the headquarters of Archilovers for a month, working alongside the network's team: 80 people helping you to learn what goes on in an editorial office.

Obviously the winners will be our guests during the whole internship: Puglia, sea, sun, great food and social networking!