El 'B' in Cartagena, Spain, a flat building like a calm sea

Selgascano Arquitectos has designed the conference centre in the port of the Spanish city

by Malcolm Clark
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Selgascano Arquitectos of Madrid has completed the construction of El 'B', a conference centre on the promenade of Cartagena, on the southern coast of Spain.

The City, whose name already recalls its Carthaginian foundation, has inherited an important commercial and military tradition, just consider for instance that Hannibal departed from here on his way to invading Italy in the second Punic war.

The growing attention to tourism has led the city council to undertake a complex transformation of the promenade, believing in culture as a hub for development, to get over the economic crisis.

The façades of the long building (more than 200 metres) are partially covered with coloured plastic materials. The light comes in through these PLEXIGLAS® prisms, which recall containers and naval equipment. The designers' intention was for this to give the visitor the feeling of walking under water.

El 'B' 119

El 'B'

Cartagena / Spain / 2011