Helsinki Guggenheim museum: Who is your winner?

Archilovers editorial team has filled out his shortlist

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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COMPETITION _ The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has announced last week the launch of an online gallery featuring the submissions for Stage One of the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition to design a proposed Guggenheim museum in the Finnish capital.
A shortlist of six finalists will be selected by the competition jury from the Stage One submissions and will be announced on December 2, 2014.

Our editorial team has filled out his shortlist from the over 1,715 submissions coming from 77 countries. Find out more about Archilovers' selection and let us know your favourite one? Check the list

Cecilia - Senior editor

"The building conveys a sense of lightness and solidity; it is a both contemporary and timeless construction in the continuity of the Guggenheim tradition, yet unique. The museum merges into the sensitive waterfront: it keeps open the vision towards the water. The fluid architecture creates a dynamic exterior and interior landscape connecting the city with the museum and the exhibition spaces in a seamless movement. The building communicates the egalitarian quality of Nordic and Finnish culture, putting all visitors and artists on the same level indistinctively of origin, age or fame."

Valentina - Assitant editor

"Defined by a pure volumetric ellipsoid, the Museum displays stunning internal spaces – created by the structure of post-tensioned glue laminated timber three pinned arches, repeated every 5m. Largest span reaches 63m. The result is a gallery with a floor to ceiling height of 10,70m, column free, and versatile for any type of art installation. The historic reference to the site next to the sea is direct: a 127m by 68m ship quietly resting over the pier, with its mirrored hull that builds the sky and covers the deck."

Angelica - Assistant editor


"Since the maritime setting emphasizes Finland’s strong connection between architecture and nature, the new Guggenheim Museum operates as a pivotal point between these two significant characteristics of Helsinki. By creating a passage at the base under the three wooden ellipses, this has resulted in a connection between waterside and park.
With reference to Nordic ideals, which include openness and accessibility, the proposal suggests a multi-purpose space at the core of the Museum building. It is surrounded by all the vertical circulation areas, and terraces at different levels, allowing several perspectives into this generous space. Noticeable from every level of the museum this space supports social interaction and the experience of art."

Claudia - Social media specialist

"The building divided into two levels – public space that is open to the city and all the visitors and exhibition space itself. Almost totally transparent ground floor provides a free access to the visitors into the building from waterfront through the café, restaurant or retail areas. In that way not only the main views on harbor and main landmarks from the park will be saved, but also pedestrians  will have a clear access to the waterfront where the body of the museum."

Eleonora - UK editor

"Our plan and construction, modular and sustainable, pays homage to the traditional, Finnish architecture of the log house. By updating the means and methods used in this ancient form of construction, we are able to achieve a scale and scope never capable before by wooden structures. The new Guggenheim Museum Helsinki blurs the line between the past and the future as it does the public and private worlds; all while providing Helsinki with the premier home for globally renowned works of art."