Nature meets architecture in Casa Corallo, Guatemala

Alejandro Paz builds a house around the trees of the forest

by Malcolm Clark
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Casa Corallo is located in a tree covered mountainous area near Guatemala City. It was designed by young Guatemalan architect Alejandro Paz (Paz Arquitectura) and integrates nature inside it, remaining faithful to his intent of respecting the wood by merging it inside the house.

The project was drawn up by trying to organise the spaces around the trees with the purpose of not cutting them down to make way for the house.

The house has a column free plan and develops over different levels of the ground. Both longitudinal façades are mainly glazed so as to give the feeling of permeability towards the outside and by trying to integrate the surrounding nature as much as possible within the architecture.

The main structural element is exposed concrete, which shows the rustic texture of the wood formwork, allowing a dialogue between the formal element and the textures of the forest” explains the designer.

    Casa Corallo 1094

    Casa Corallo

    Guatemala City / Guatemala / 2011