Jaw Dropping Rooms Let You Have It All!

Check out these rubix cube spaces...

by Angelica Marino
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As a native New Yorker, I’m no stranger to space saving. Where I’m from, a 300sq ft. apartment is basically a palace. That means sometimes your bedroom has to double as your living room, your window doubles as your garden, and in some more horrifying cases, your bathroom doubles as your dining room. With the rising popularity and soaring real estate prices of city centers, making the most of what you’ve got is an absolute must. Or is it? It seems city-dwellers’ prayers are finally being answered, as innovation has finally come to the rescue with these ingenious multi-tasking spaces.

It’s really hard to have it all with only 60 square meters of space but Vlad Mishin managed to do it with his Transformer Apartment. A transformer turned wall sculpture divides the apartment, sectioning off each space. It’s made of three black metal framework and plywood blocks that rotate and double as an optical illusion mural. One of the blocks hosts a TV and this is where it gets good…the rotation of each block makes it possible to watch that same TV in every room of the house! So long, pause button! A sliding partition hides the kitchen niche and refrigerator while the bathroom door acts as the final piece in this functional home sculpture. Downsizing has never been this artsy!

It’s an office! It’s a yoga room! No! It’s…the Heldergroen studio! As the Clark Kent of architecture, this space is really redefining versatility. During the day, it’s an office: chairs, hard concrete floor, wooden tables made of recycled telephone poles that support standard computers. But at six o’ clock, large industrial motors fixed to the ceiling reel in the tables and computers, forcing you to put a stop to your work day. Workaholics, you’ve been warned. The space is then open to anything! It can be used for weekend expos, evening yoga classes, even social soirees. Imagine never having to leave the office for that afternoon happy hour!

Think of a one bedroom apartment. Got it? Ok, now imagine that same apartment, but now with a master bedroom suite, a guest room, a living room, an in-home theater, a dining room, an office, full kitchen, breakfast nook, spa, party area, wine cellar, and storage closet. No need to pinch yourself! Yo! Brand creator Simon Woodroffe recently unveiled his next endeavor at the 100% Design London show. It consists of an apartment design which uses theatre stage counterweights to transform the space into a number of possibilities. With just the flick of a switch, the floor can ascend and give way to a living room, rotating walls reveal closet spaces, the floors sprout dining rooms, and bedrooms roll out of walls. Dubbed the “homes of the future” by their creator, these cutting edge condos are sure to revolutionize the way city dwellers live.

  • Maxine Shroff

    As someone that lives in a studio myself, these are amazing space saving architectural approaches. Awesome article!

Transformer Apartment 68

Transformer Apartment