Sacrilege or photoshopped set? Xavier Delory Vs Modern Architecture

by Valentina Ieva


‘What remains of the utopias and the promises of a better future promised by the modern movement at the beginning of the 20th century? No more slums, tabula rasa, death of the historic styles..." this is the question that the visual artist Xavier Delory asked himself, watching the state of Modern Architecture.

He started a series of photoshopped images which are a tribute to the Modernism around the world. The set is called ‘pilgrimage on modernity’. The first protagonist of this set is Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, the father of the ‘five points of architecture’. He imagined the monument in a condition of decay as a provocation.

Photo credits: Xavier Delory

  • Alessandro Suzzi

    molto interessante!

  • Jorge Javier

    A lot of not so famous example of good architecture are like this... it is a very interesting point of view

  • Arq Margot Cueto

    the BEAUTY of ARCHITECTURE lies on providing new questions and solutions to old or new situations, let's not give up HOPE in CREATIVITY, NEW TECHNOLOGY and GOOD WILL, today's MULTIPLES SUSTAINABLE APPROACHES and SEARCHES show one more WAY of INCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS

  • Eleonora Viviani

    è bella anche così...

  • Valentina Ieva


    Bari / Italy

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