Permit free housing: are Swedish architects more creative than others?

by Valentina Ieva
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In Sweden there is now a new building code that allows a home owner to build a 25m2 additional house on their premise without needing a building permit. These buildings are called Attefallshus, named after the Swedish minister of housing Stefan Attefall.

Studio Visiondivision has developed an alternative to the Attefallshus that is both cheaper, more fun and also more exclusive than any other permit-free house on the Swedish market.


Sweden has a very rich boating culture with over 800 000 registered vessels in the country, which means a density of boats that is among the highest per capita in the world. Today, many of the boats are stored on ugly stilts and are blemishing residential areas in the whole country.

Visiondivision presents some advantages with a boat compared to a 25 m² Attefallshus. For example the design firm explains how to build a fountain:


"The illusion to allow a fountain to lift your boat becomes the absolute proof that you are doing well and it also gives the impression that the boat defies gravity. The boat can not only be seen in your entire neighborhood, it will also splash water on your neighbors and if it is well polished, it will also dazzle the jealous by passing crowd and throw reflections from the sun over the entire block. You might think we're kidding, but it's just stuff like this visiondivison can help our clients with, and we promise you a lot of attention to both your boat and your aspirations in life.

The boat can be reached either from the main house terrace or if you want, you can build in an elevator in the fountain. The latter solution requires that the boat is stationary".

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