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sustainable modular housings

by Paolo Colombo
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A++ has designed a new set of 50 Sustainable Modular Lightweigth (SML) houses for a project located in the city of Melaka in the south-west of Malaysia. The project maintains a light ecological footprint by employing a variety of green building strategies and systems – including an on-site river filtrating system.The homes are also designed to mitigate the region’s strong rain and intense sun with roof-mounted solar photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric generators. Bamboo facing is used on the front facades of the homes in order to provide natural ventilation, and the structures are made of Profil Haus steel for quick assembly. Natural fibers are used for thermal and acoustic insulation. The result is a residential complex that is sustainable both economically and socially. The project is in its development stage and has already gained international recognition and awards. Read more: A++ Architects Design Sustainable Modular Lightweight Houses for Malaysia