Moscow 2012: competition for a fashion tower on Red Square

Arquitectum promotes the design of a "fashion palace" in the heart of the Cremlin

by Malcolm Clark
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Arquitectum ( has published an international competition for ideas: "Moscow 2012 - A fashion palace in the Red Square" (

The competition envisages designing a 100 metre high tower, entirely dedicated to the world of fashion, overlooking Red Square in Moscow. This must harmonise with contemporary Russian architecture and at the same time serve as a landmark for its skyline.

The design must attempt to balance opposing trends: on the one hand opening up to the global fashion market, on the other safeguarding the specific identity of the place. The tower will occupy a specific place in the Cremlin complex, indicated in the files available to the participants from the Architectum website.

The winning project will be awarded 3,000 USD plus 100 copies of the exclusive Arquitectum publication on the competition. Second prize is 2,000 USD and third prize is 1000 USD, plus a smaller number of copies of the publication.

As usual for Arquitectum, participants are requested to send a single .jpeg image (3510 x 2480 horizontal) which must summarise the whole project. You have time until May 21st to send applications but the registration fees vary according to when you register from 75 USD (by March 26) to 150 USD (after April 23).