A Coffee Shop with Rustic-Retro Appeal

How capture the essence of the interiors

by Rosangela Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY _ Tait’s entry entitled Here Coffee Berkhamsted, located in Berkhamsted, represented an intriguing project for me, simply because of its distinctive 1950s-style minimalism and modernism, blended with charming rustic features.

To make the best possible pitch for the competition, I knew the photos had to convey Coffee Shop’s nod to the modern-day café’s need for streamlined convenience, reflected in the clean yet retro lines of the light fixtures and furniture, while still emphasising the warm, intimate atmosphere created by the incorporation of more pastoral-themed elements.


Using wider shots of the space, I hoped to showcase how well the retro features merge with the more rustic design: the sleek shape and bold colours of the sofa, chairs, and booth seating, along with the bare, single-bulb light fixtures are a clear throwback to the retro style of the mid-20th Century, while the colourwashed walls in muted, traditional colour palettes keeps the décor contemporary and fresh.

The earthy, simple coffee table over the warm hardwood floors also shows the incorporation of rural, country charm. By accentuating small, warm touches like the pumpkins placed in the window, the rustic metal milk jug and flower pots filled with wild flowers, I aimed to capture the inviting ambiance. Similarly, the wide shot of the warm exposed brick accent wall and artfully placed ‘clutter’ was intended to allow viewers to appreciate that this is a coffee shop that is as relaxed and comfortable as a home away from home.

Here Coffee Berkhamsted is shortlisted at the 2014 RESTAURANT & BAR DESIGN AWARD.


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    Here Coffee Berkhamsted 28

    Here Coffee Berkhamsted

    Berkhamsted / United Kingdom / 2013