An interactive environment to rehabilitate Lake Vico

by Dario Pompei
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 “The trees light up only with the passage of people. They are silent, without the public will, but come on when this will is present. ”

Antonino Saggio

TreeIT is a metaphor for the work of architect Dario Pompei, drawn up as dissertations with Professor Antonino Saggio at the La Sapienza University of Rome. The project [R.E.]Park/Nuove Identità shows how you can tackle the crisis of pollution poisons that has affected the lake of Vico.

The operation is systemic and provides at the sametime an active reforestation, decontamination and reclamation and the creation of paths hanging on wooden walkways. These pathways enhance the zone of the slopes at lake by creating micro architectures placed in the context and allow compatible development with the naturalistic vocations of the zone.

 TreeIT, by nITro group, consists of a harmonious boardwalk that winds dynamically in different directions, emphasizing the potential of the space and lends itself to different ways of use. The walkway, made of OSB wooden panels, exhorts the visitor to cross the interactive forest consisting of more than one hundred synthetic trees, which evoke the operation of the project and at the same time reveal that only the active presence of the community may impose a smart solution. 


The position of the body is detected by three ultrasonic proximity sensor connected via Arduino to the LED lighting system places on top of the artificial trees. The square thus becomes a sensible space that lends itself to many fruitions and that responds to the solicitations of bodies that pass through it.

TreeIT was made and shown for the first time during The Cube Festival, a cultural event held on December 6-8th 2013 in Ronciglione (VT) and was placed in Piazza degli Angeli, in the Medieval Village.


data installation

Length: 16.50 m Trail length: 20 m Maximum width: 5.40 Max height (wooden structure): 0.70 m Max height (synthetic trees): 3.00 m Number synthetic Trees: 120 Number of LEDs: 120 Number Arduino boards: 3 Number Ultrasonic sensors : 3 Electric cables: 1,4 Km


Partners in charge: Valerio Galeone, Dario Pompei.

Designers: Luca Bregni, Gaetano De Francesco, Giuseppe D'emilio, Antonio De Pasquale, Rosamaria Faralli, Valerio Galeone, Davide Motta, Dario Pompei.

Interactive Designer: Valerio Galeone.

Team: Rosetta Angelini, Luca Bregni, Gaetano De Francesco, Giuseppe D’Emilio, Antonio De Pasquale, Rosamaria Faralli , Denise Franzè, Valerio Galeone, Saverio Massaro, Davide Motta, Dario Pompei, Antonino Saggio, Angelica Sansonetti, Liborio Sforza.

Photographs: Rosamaria Faralli (FaRo Image).

Collaborators: The FabHub, deltastudio.


    TreeIT 10


    Ronciglione / Italy / 2013