Florence goes funky

Foulard Battistero by Emilio Pucci: art installation open from June, 17 to June, 20

by Maria Novozhilova
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One of the most quintessential works of architecture of Italy is, no doubt, Duomo di Firenze.

Florence Cathedral, known also as Santa Maria del Fiore, is famous all over the world thanks to its great dome courageously designed and built by Brunelleschi in 1436, that is 140 years after the beginning of the construction.

Rich marble decoration coveting the Cathedral and the adjacent Giotto's Campanile and Baptistery is the another peculiarity of this architectural composition. Colorful marble ornamental pattern is, therefore, the landmark and the symbol of the city. 

Thus Domo di Firenze has always been funky. Yet now it is even more!

To celebrate the 86th Florence Fashion Week Emilio Pucci did the art installation “Foulard Battistero”. The eight sides of the historic architecture are covered by vivid and shiny tones of yellow, orange, fuchsia and pink colors characteristic of maison Pucci. 

Only 4 days (from the 17th to 20th of June) to enjoy the installation celebrating “Firenze Hometown Of Fashion”. Only for a short period of time the classic work of Italian architecture will be nicely adorned by a contemporary touch of Pucci’s work.

More pictures here.

Article by Maria Novozhilova.


    • Maria Novozhilova

      Maria Novozhilova


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