by Ricardo Oliveira Alves
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 “Light, God's eldest daughter, is a principal beauty in a building." Thomas Fuller

The relationship between space and light has always been essential for an architectural project. The space lives of light and light lives in space. This inevitable relationship fulfills any architectural space as well as its own experience.

Light is one of the most important factors when it comes to defining form, scale, color and ambiance in architecture. Depending on how it is used, it can completely transform the spatial quality of a particular place, making it more or less comfortable, dramatic or dynamic, it can even change its scale.

The passing of light throughout a space is something that occurs over a determined period of time, it can last for minutes or even hours, this smooth light movement creates unique and beautiful designs. Unfortunately we cannot perceive them in real time since the speed of Man is not compatible with the speed of Nature.

The desire to record this light movement through architectural space in a speed that humans can perceive, led to the research and development of a proprietary time-lapse technique and its application to architecture. We call it Archilapse. When combined with traditional animation principles, it can reveal light and its slow interaction with space, releasing all its emotions.


Innovation is, nowadays, one of the main keys to success in all its forms, whether it is artistic, economic or commercial. The innovation of the Archilapse approach responds to this need in the Architecture area.

Archilapse results from "Architecture" and "Time-lapse" and is the outcome of Ricardo Oliveira Alves' passion for photography and architecture.

This new architecture film approach, available on is based on animation, using a sequential photographic record through Time-lapse technique, to show, in film, an architectural space and its interaction with the surrounding environment.

His latest project is The House of Stories, an archilapse based on Eduardo Souto de Moura's Casa das Histórias Paula Rego in Cascais Portugal.

Hundreds of photographs taken sequentially allow the viewer a unique approach, offering a wider and integrated view of space and dynamism that is given by the light movement, contributing to a more direct understanding of the essence of the projects.

All architectural projects have a "life of their own". Hundreds of photographs taken sequentially allow the viewer a unique approach, offering a wider and integrated view of space and dynamism that is given by the light movement. Archilapse gives a more direct understanding of the essence of the projects, capturing it and showing it in a way that is not possible only by photography.

The Archilapse was specifically designed for digital format, having an average length of 3 minutes, the time considered required to display a promotional film on the web and to have a comprehensive understanding of the project. It is available in 2 versions, the standard and the "Architects Cut" that adds a filmed interview with a brief explanation of the project by its authors to the standard one.

"House In Travessa Do Patrocínio”, the award-winning and high quality architectural project developed by Rebelo de Andrade Design Studio, is one of the examples already developed. In this Archilapse "The Fragrante House" you can observe the fantastic Lisbon light through innovative solutions such as the use of skylights overhead which provide the design of magnificent shapes of light and shadow all across the building.

Through this architectural project the Archilapse technique shows how to emphasize the space/light relationship, revealing itself as an innovative way of recording architecture on film.

The main promotional channels for this product are generic and specific architecture social networks, Architecture websites and Blogs and Design magazines in digital format and apps, allowing easy, fast and objective dissemination of architectural projects in all its fullness.

    Casa das Histórias Paula Rego 69

    Casa das Histórias Paula Rego

    Cascais / Portugal / 2009

    House In Travessa Do Patrocínio 95

    House In Travessa Do Patrocínio

    Lisbon / Portugal / 2012