Juvet: the first 'Landscape Hotel' in Europe designed by Jensen & Skodvin

Seven small wooden and glass stilt houses lying deep in unspoilt nature

by Malcolm Clark
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Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway.

On one side of the river, amongst the birch, poplar, pine and 'sculpted' rock masses, lies Juvet, the first Landscape Hotel in Europe, designed by the Norwegian architects JSA Jensen & Skodvin.

At first sight, the seven independent rooms seem to be modest and unpretentious, “but when you open the door and go in, it is as if nature rushes to greet the guest through the large panoramic windows”.

Architects Jensen & Skodvin have created a hotel which blends in completely with the unspoilt landscape where it is located. The result is a series of seven small wooden and glass stilt houses, characterised by dark interiors to prevent the guest taking their eyes off the landscape, the undisputed protagonist of the intervention. The setting, under continual evolution according to the weather conditions, to the time of day and to the season, is so variable that each room is different from the others and each one has its own viewpoint.

Juvet Landscape Hotel - National Tourist Routes in Norway 154

Juvet Landscape Hotel - National Tourist Routes in Norway

Gudbrandsjuvet / Norway / 2008