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Porta Venezia in Design 2014 @MDW

by Malcolm Clark
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Porta Venezia in Design | Liberty is the fuori salone circuit combining contemporary Design and Art with the architectural and decorative heritage of Art Nouveau which abounds in this particular part of the city, to make it more known to the public and foreign visitors coming to Milan during the design week. Some tours - free of charge and on request - will be organized in collaboration with FAI-The Italian Environment Fund.

A 'Three-way' circuit: showrooms, shops and businesses exhibiting the latest art and design innovations and a cultural focus on Art Nouveau and the food & wine tour. The food & wine tour, a subject of great current interest, is to be found in selected bars and restaurants in the area, with the creation of special menus for the whole fuori salone period. Porta Venezia in Design, thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, strengthens the communication of its circuit and of the fuori salone, as a significant event for the city of Milan during the week dedicated to Design.

The constructive dialogue with some major players of the fuori salone design system is also highlighted. Indeed in the 2014 edition it develops in the primary activity of shared communication.

The circuit: the idea. Design as a link between the various presences of the Porta Venezia circuit. Design as 'creativity' applied to all the sectors. The collaboration between the various commercial and cultural realities that live in the territory and have favourably welcomed the project.

Where. Milan, in a historic district, with strong architectural traces left by the Art Nouveau style (the belle époque), a central area, which has important points related to design, art, architecture and culture. An area that has for some years been offering individual exhibition projects that attract the attention of the public and industry insiders. It is home to major companies of the design / décor sector, locations, professional offices, period buildings and historical monuments, art galleries and cultural centres. The design / art events are communicated along with the Art Nouveau circuit, which includes the major buildings of this period.


A map of the design places to visit can be found here

as for the side events.

Here is a provisional list of the places taking part in the culinary tour:

HIC ENOTECHE, via Spallanzani 11 8/13 April, 10am/10pm

Evening aperitifs with tastings.

DROGHERIA PLINIO, via Plinio 6 8/13 April, 11am/11pm

Special menu ‘Porta Venezia in Design’ and evening aperitif.

PASTA FRESCA BRAMBILLA, via Melzo 2 8/13 April, 9am/10pm

Apart from selling the fresh pasta hand-made on site, it becomes a Bistrot at lunch and dinner time.

VINERIA STRADELLA, via Stradella 4/A 8/12 April, 11am/3pm - 6pm/11.30pm

8/11/12 April, from 6pm to 11.30pm: interactive installation “PROTOTYPE” on design and designers by the artist Orf Quarenghi.

Here is some of the Art Nouveau architecture you can see:

1) Biblioteca Venezia (former Cinema Dumont)| Via Frisi 2

2) Casa Guazzoni | Via Malpighi 12

3) Casa Galimberti | Via Malpighi 3, angolo Via Sirtori

Casa De Benedetti | Via Malpighi 8

4) (Hotel) Sheraton Diana Majestic (former Kursaal Diana) | Viale

Piave 42, angolo Via Mascagni

5) Former “Albergo Diurno” Venezia (Pensilina) | P.zza Oberdan, ang. Buenos Aires, MM1 P.ta Venezia

6) Casa Operaia | Via Benedetto Marcello 93 (e anche Via Petrella 19)

7) Casa Gusmini | Via Petrella 20

8) Palazzo Castiglioni | Corso Venezia 47/49 (controfacciata Via Marina 10)

9) Casa Berri Meregalli | Via Cappuccini 8

Casa Berri Meregalli 2 | Via Mozart 21

10) Casa Tensi | Via Vivaio 4

Abitazione privata | Via Vivaio 17

11) Casa Campanini | Via Bellini 11, angolo Via Livorno

Abitazione privata | Via Passione 8

12) Sacro Cuore di Gesù sanctuary | Viale Piave 2 (edificio religioso)

13) Casa Campanini | Via Pisacane 12

14) Casa Balzarini | Via Pisacane 16

15) Casa Cambiaghi | Via Pisacane 18/20/22

Casa Crocchini | Via Pisacane 24

The provisional tour programme is as follows:

The tour of Art Nouveau buildings in the Porta Venezia area, with the FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano guide.

Friday 11 April

3pm/5pm, Art Nouveau walking tour with guide (free, reservation necessary*)

Starting from Villa Necchi Campiglio, via W. A. Mozart 14 (the Villa Necchi visit is not included, as it is not part of the Art Nouveau heritage)

Saturday 12th April

11am/1pm, Art Nouveau walking tour with guide (free, reservation necessary*)

3pm/5pm, Art Nouveau walking tour with guide (free, reservation necessary*)

Starting from Villa Necchi Campiglio, via W. A. Mozart 14 (the Villa Necchi visit is not included, as it is not part of the Art Nouveau heritage)

RESERVATIONS: [email protected] | tel. 02 76340121

(*) up to 20 people