Green Utopia: Vegetal City at Fuorisalone

Green living is a reality

by Claudia Lorusso
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Just think about living in a house surrounded by greenery. Just think about having bamboo tables and chairs, hemp chandeliers and reeds roofing. It’s not a dream. Green living is a reality in slow expansion in Italy. That's why this year at the Fuori Salone in Milan will be created Green Utopia, a 2000 sqm city located within the Fabbrica del Vapore, fully built with plant material, where the exhibition of innovative and original architecture and furniture works but especially environmentally friendly will be ready to be represented. 


LAN_laboratorio architetture naturali engineers and architects will also take in the creation of this green city, which for several years are moving throughout Italy for the realization of workshops aimed at building sustainable works.   

The works are entirely made from 0km natural materials  or recycled materials  that don’t require further manifacturing industrial or semi-industrial processes, including reed, bamboo, straw, wood, earth.

The LAN project has been created by the experience of the architect Francesco Poli, who started an experimentation journey and research into natural, plant and recycled materials for the purpose of application architecture, design and art. 


The key issue is the relationship of this architecture or "land art" with man and nature. The organic architecture, in fact, was created to serve the needs of man combining them with his natural environment. Also for this aim, LAN promotes self-construction and self-recovery services, as well as rediscovery of ancient techniques through a reverse path to stimulate interest in the past time through the use of technical and technological innovations.

LAN is committed to the promotion of the environmental sustainability culture, of the healthy consumption and social ethics; that’s why it actively involves the local and non-local population in all his work, through cooperation and participation.
Even during the work construction that will be exhibited at the Fuori Salone, LAN involves outside parties in a workshop that will be held on April 2 to 6.


The work will be carried out in the Fuori Salone and will be created in an open-air structure made by Arundo donax reed arches, a species characterized by sinuous shapes, strength and flexibility. The arches will be anchored to a stone base, thus forming a spherical cap, partially closed, and finally coated by a mixture of lime and hemp. The structure will be light and with a high impact: the translation of a green and sustainable architecture, but especially strongly Mediterranean.


The exhibition will take place from 8 to 12 April. 



Francesco Poli  - Architect - +39.3290221142

Marina Leuzzi -  Engineer - +39.3406564468

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