Charleroi 2.0: Dance school and future police station

Jean Nouvel and Mdw Architecture completely transforms the skyline of the Belgian city

by Malcolm Clark
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Jean Nouvel and Mdw architecture have created this unique project, at least in terms of the association of functions, the expansion of the Hôtel de Police & Extension of Charleroi Dance school.

The origin of this strange cohabitation can be found by delving into the history of the ancient Cavalry school of the Belgian city. This 19th Century building had been occupied by the Gendarmes barracks for quite some time and had recently also been used by a contemporary dance company of international importance, the Charleroi Danses.

The plan envisages the rationalisation of the spaces of the complex, with Police services being added to the Gendarmerie and also expanding the space available to the dance company's corps de ballet.

Charleroi, a city with around 200,000 inhabitants, is famous above all for its international airport, where most of the low cost flights from all over Europe are directed for passengers heading for the capital (indeed it is less than 50 km from Brussels).

    Police Headquarters & Charleroi Danses Extension 19

    Police Headquarters & Charleroi Danses Extension

    Charleroi / Belgium / 2014