Concrete pipes transformed into rooms create an unusual hotel

The TuboHotel designed by Mexican architects T3arc Taller de Arte y Arquitectura

by Malcolm Clark
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The idea for the TuboHotel, designed by the Mexican architecture office T3arc Taller de Arte y Arquitectura, came when they built a café, Cafe5, in which they had to create an inexpensive room.

Inspired by the work of architect Andreas Strauss, who had recycled concrete piping to create a hotel, T3arc uses pipes 2.44 m in diameter and 3.50 m long, to “compose” a hotel like the Desparkhotel of Linz.

The unusual hotel is located in the outskirts of Tepoztlán, in Mexico, on land in a wood which benefits from a fantastic panoramic view over the Sierra del Tepozteco. The project had to be completed quickly and inexpensively. The hotel, completed in just three months, has 20 rooms in groups of three, arranged randomly with respect to the land to exploit the space as well as possible.

    TuboHotel Tepoztlán 122

    TuboHotel Tepoztlán

    Tepoztlán / Mexico / 2010