Self-made Architecture announces its 2nd Edition

The International School Academy will disembark in Ankara

by Claudia Lorusso
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The first edition of Self Made Architecture convinced about the potential of self-construction as a resource for the future conduct revival architecture with a more balanced philosophy. A large delegation of Turkish students and faculty of architecture have shared a quality experience on self-made architecture with the students and teachers of Bari.

The second edition of the Self Made Architecture will disembark in Ankara, hosting the activities of the International School Academy. Universities and major public institutions of the two countries will support a major event that can lay the foundations for important cooperative activities in the construction market of the future, which is now orienting towards a sustainable sensibility .

Teachers, students, and other companies invest their energies in the implementation of systems in self construction, a possible route for architecture in the next few years.

The experience includes an educational internship, immersed in Turkey with an important phase in Istanbul where the remains of Byzantine Constantinople and the great architecture of Sinan will be visited. The journey then continues to Ankara where the auto construction aspect of the internship will take place, concluding with a visit to the great UNESCO heritage site, Cappadocia.

During the internship there will be a comparison of two parallel experiences : the Turkish rendering of an ancient wooden construction technique and the assembly of a prototype of self-construction.


Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture - DICAR

Polytechnic of Bari

Director: Prof. Arch. Claudio D’Amato Guerrieri


Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Atilim University

Department chair: Prof. Arch. Sevgi Lökçe



Prof. Arch. Nicola Parisi

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture - DICAR

Arch. Instructor Melike Orhan

Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture


Organization and tutoring:

Ing. Fabio Parisi - DICAR Engineering Degree