Enzo Ferrari Museum immersive iBook

An immersive and multimedia virtual tour inside the architecture of the Enzo Ferrari Museum

by andrea ciofi degli atti
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Panoroma SNC has created the Enzo Ferrari Museum immersive iBook, a monograph dedicated to this innovative building (2013 RIBA European Award for Architecture), constructed in Modena around the childhood home of the racing legend and businessman, Enzo Ferrari.

By interactively visiting the exhibition “Grand Prix: the Formula 1 Championship Single-Seater” thanks to multimedia content of the technical design, texts and video, it is possible to discover the history of the project and its realisation by the London studio Future System and Shiro Studio

Our objective was to exploit the potential of digital publishing and immersive photography in order to overturn the traditional relationship between text and image.

We wanted to succeed in offering as much information as possible without abandoning the power and communicative quality of the direct view of the architectonic space. 

For this purpose, all multimedia content (critical texts, technical drawings, video, audio, galleries of images) is exclusively available within the immersive visualisation and in the direct relationship with the observed elements.

Furthermore, we chose to use the Apple iBook format, specifically designed for multimedia digital publishing.

Immersive panoramic photography is one of the most powerful means of spatial surveying, able to offer metric and illumination information on the portrayed environments.

It constitutes one of the principal fields of advanced technical research with applications that come from the robotics of videogames, and is destined to acquire the leading space in the field of visualisation and multimedia communication.” Andrea Ciofi degli Atti CEO Panoroma SNC.

Tecnical data:

To create each HDR immersive photograph, there were 8 shutter releases in NEF format (Nikon RAW) with 3 different EV levels of exposure, for a total of 24 shutter releases. Altogether 312 shutter releases were necessary to create 13 immersive photographs.

For the shoot, an objective Nikon 10.5 DX was used, fixed onto a panoramic head “Mrotator” and an adaptor ring, “RingT105N” by Agno’s.

For the automatic image stitching, the manual alignment correction and the application of tone mapping algorhythm, Ptgui PRO software was used.

 For the construction of the virtual tour in html5 format, Pano2vr software was used.

Finally, some specific instructions were written relating to the visualisation of internal metadata of the panoramic views and the resolution of compatibility problems with the Apple iBook format.