“I want to be an architect (Dreams builder).”

A book for children by Alberto Campo Baeza

by Serena L. Rosato
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BOOKS_ "I want to tell you, the easiest way TO become an architect and WHY it is worth it. Because it’s worth it. And HOW to do it." (Alberto Campo Baeza)

The publishing house AMAG, which produces marvellous books for children, has edited a delightful text in digital format written by the architect  Alberto Campo Baeza, entitled simply QUIERO SER ARQUITECTO" ("I want to be an architect”).

The author, who cannot conceal his teaching prowess, writes so clearly for children and those who are no longer children, that on reading his book there is a real danger that many more children will decide to become architects.  Of course, for those already studying architecture it will underline what a wise choice they made. Campo Baeza himself says in one of his recent works that to be an architect is the most marvellous job in the world.

This digital edition, which precedes a forthcoming printed version, is interspersed with the most delightful drawings done by children. It is well worth reading and giving to our little ones to read. A real gem.

Download it HERE 




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