Yellow Ferrari

Visiting Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena (2012) by Jan Kaplicky + Shiro Studio

by Maria Novozhilova
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The sculpted roof glows with yellow color. Its curved shapes evoke familiar Ferrari silhouette. Graceful in its forms, the museum reflects the charming elegance of the unbeaten car. Once we are inside, a spacious panorama opens up narrating glory of the past. The milky walls spill over the undulate floor. Somewhere in the middle of endlesswhiteness, red four-wheels masterpieces are fired up on their floating pedestals. A touch of sunny color that blesses prancing horse is suspended in the air. By @NovozhilovaM

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    • Maria Novozhilova

      Maria Novozhilova


      Milan / Italy

      Maria Novozhilova is a licensed architect who currently lives in Milan. She graduated from Politecnico di Milano (Bachelor + Master degrees) in 2013 receiving the highest scores for her university career. In the same year having passed successfully Italian State Exam she has officially received the qualification of architect. During recent years she had an opportunity to collaborate with Toyo Ito Architects and Associates (Tokyo), Osamu Ishiyama Laboratory (Tokyo), Metrogramma Andrea Boschetti )