The 55th Art Biennale in Venice and the Net: between praise and criticism

Who is the real winner?

by Maria Novozhilova
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The 55th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale that ended last November was, according to the recorded number of visitors, a great success. Yet, the public who attended the Exhibition was not the only one to open discuss the Venice Biennale, to debate about who should have been prized with the Golden Lion, and to appreciate (or criticize) the show. If we consider the English-written posts, since its opening (June 1) until the day of its closure (November 25), the 55. Art Biennale received around 20,000 mentions on social channels such as Blogs, Forums and Facebook. What did they say? Discover what we found out (surprises including…) in the below infographic.









































































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