The Children's Museum MUBA opens in Milan

A respectful, modular and flexible project in dealing with the imposing context

by Malcolm Clark
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The MUBA - Museo dei Bambini, the Children's Museum, the first permanent centre entirely dedicated to cultural and artistic projects for children has opened in Milan, at the Rotonda di Via Besana. Over 1200 square meters, designed by BDGS Architetti Associati, a precious place of the Milan public assets designed to accommodate schools and families, a place surrounded by a historic, safe and secure garden, which will remain public and freely accessible: a children's size space, the place for children.

The methodological issues related to the children's exhibitions are inspired by the text “Setting up the game: the installation in Children Museums”, from “Anthology of writings on Interior Design”.

The space of the Rotonda di Via Besana, monumental, modular, high and bright, is the starting point of an installation project that intends to be respectful, modular, flexible and almost minimalist in its relationship with the imposing context of the structure” explain the designers. “The architectural quality of the monumental space of the Rotonda di Via Besana is thus visible from the entrance because our architectural approach, while taking into account the division of flows and acoustic comfort, was to use modular dividing elements.”

The temporary exhibition area, the heart of the cultural offer, occupies the central part of MUBA and envisages a space delimited by the modular elements.

In general, the spatial configuration chosen for this space opens with a square form of introduction to the topic, envisages the enhancement of the centre of the dome of the Rotonda with an installation of great emotional impact and with the collaborative involvement of all the children participating in the exhibitions, and is divided into other spaces in the wing at the bottom.

The space Remida Milan is bordered by modular dividers and is equipped with tables and a series of shelves that house the teaching materials to create various workshop activities using recycled and waste materials from industrial production that are chosen and assembled by children to create new works of art.

    MUBA - Museo dei Bambini 7

    MUBA - Museo dei Bambini

    Milan / Italy / 2014