Vittorio Grassi's new restaurant in Bresso

His 'Open Air Kitchen' is lightweight, transparent and luminous

by Malcolm Clark
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The new KoA’ company restaurant in Bresso has been designed by Vittorio Grassi and is the first part of the redevelopment of the area of the Zambon group, the Italian industrial group that has been operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical field for more than 100 years.

The project is based on the criteria of transparency and a lightweight structure, resulting in a space for social events including a 220-seat restaurant and a bar open to the public. Its intention is to modify the design of the urban environment, while maintaining a strong integration with the park.

Double glazing fitted to steel window frames has been employed for the external envelope of the northern façade, guaranteeing a panoramic view of the surrounding parkland. The south-facing façade like the roof have a white channel glass cladding, which can be back-lit in the evening by multi-coloured led-strip lights.

The roof, made up of a light structure supported by steel pillars onto which a series of circular rooflights open, exploits the natural lighting in the dining room, particularly in the central areas of the building.

The restaurant is located on a single level raised with respect to the ground level and is characterised by the use of recyclable, eco-compatible but resistant materials, from glass to fine porcelain stoneware and natural wood.

    Koa Zambon Company Restaurant 20

    Koa Zambon Company Restaurant

    Bresso / Italy / 2011