The Manta Underwater Room

One of the smallest hotels in the world in the heart of the Indian Ocean

by Malcolm Clark
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It is underwater in the heart of the Indian Ocean near Zanzibar located in the so-called Blue Hole, the depression of the coral reef 250 meters from the coast: It is the new room number 17 of the Manta Resort, which opened on 1st November 2013. The first African underwater room offers one of the most fascinating experiences you could hope for, to spend the night in the depths of the sea, surrounded by incredible sea creatures.

The Manta Underwater Room is the brainchild of Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels company, inspired by the already existing Utter Inn, the floating wooden room on the waters of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm.

The living room and the bathroom are at sea level, while a staircase leads to the roof/solarium used as a relaxation area. Under the level of the sea there is an entirely glazed bedroom with all the necessary equipment for sports and snorkelling.

Recognized as one of the smallest hotels in the world, the Manta Underwater Room has so far only hosted 6 visitors, who will have held their breath, especially for the magic of a stay in close contact with the wonders of the marine world.