How to create the Smart Student Unit by Tengbom Architects

From Sweden the housing unit for sustainable living in just 10 square metres

by Malcolm Clark
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It was designed in Sweden and is called Smart Student Unit, and in just 10 square metres it contains everything you need for an ecofriendly and low cost housing unit for the students at Lund University. Designed by the architectural firm Tengbom Architects, in collaboration with the Swedish University, the prototype was designed to meet the needs of students residing off-site in search of accommodation.

The Smart Student Unit, made entirely of laminated wood, consists of a kitchenette with shelves, a bathroom, dining table, chairs, mezzanine sleeping area, and even a small garden, ensuring maximum privacy.

Following exhibition of the prototype at the Museum of Art Virserum until December 8th, 2013, Tengbom architects anticipated the construction of twenty-two other units by 2014.

The small modular living unit is capable of combining sustainability, affordability, privacy, comfort, and above all great quality without using large spaces: dining table and desk become the dimming elements of the house, while the wall shelves are also used as steps leading to the mezzanine.

  • Andrea Tonin

    una iea e realizzazione fantastica, eco - logica ed eco-nomica. bravo

  • Paolo Loletti

    mia figlia ne vuole come faccio?