Fifteen Quebec designers showcase their talent @ IDS Toronto

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ Fifteen Quebec designers join forces in this project to showcase their talent and protean vision by exhibiting high quality products for design lovers far and wide at Interior Design Show Toronto.

In 2006, Montreal’s creative je-ne-sais-quoi was recognized worldwide when the city was appointed as UNESCO City of Design.
This recognition attests to the many ways Quebec designers draw on the oldest of craft traditions and the newest of design processes to create works with an original vocabulary and perspective. Together they embody the future of Québécois design. QC Design’s signature is a savant mix of materials, forms, techniques and styles in respond to contemporary interior design challenges with concepts that are cutting-edge, often socially responsible and always original.

With their first appearance as a collective at the IDS Toronto, these woodworkers, textile designers, ceramicists, lighting and
objects and industrial designers will present singular products that are sure to seduce professionals and the public at large. Many of the exhibitors have been recognized in local and international design press coverages and competitions, such as Jonathan Dorthe for the Lath Lamps and the Houndstooth Valet, Loïc bard for the Capside lamps, Tat Chao for his In Vitro project, L’Atelier Non-useless for The To Invent Functions Collection, Rachel Grenon for the «Les baigneuses», and TOmA Objects for the Inside Out Collection.  QC Design is committed to promote Quebec’s creative spirit by establishing a go-to guide for innovative, accessible products and emerging talents.



Atelier Cocotte designs and makes several models of lamps, from local wood veneer.
These organic lamps, designed and produced in Québec, use local wood materials such as white and red birch, oak, walnut and
maple. Made-to-measure models can also be made on demand.



Atelier-D is a space of research and creativity evolving around design, born from Jonathan Dorthe’s desire to create and
explore different aspects of design while creating limited editions of everyday objects. Throughout his collection, he explores
the use of new technologies in the design and the realization of small-scale objects.
The projects are inspired by traditional crafts techniques, so that comes out in the series of objects he creates. Atelier-D tries
to define contemporary craftsmanship.


Basma is Montreal-based ceramicist behind the studio Ceramik B. Basma’s work reflects evidence of her attraction to
minimalism. In the last two years, she has been involved on a new project creating one-of- a-kind pieces. In this medium
she explores the relationship between the content of writings, shapes, lines and materials that can translate meaning.
Her wall pieces are marked by her signature elements: lines, curves, organic shapes and textures all which translate into
impressions. By meticulously crafting the shape and texture, each piece evokes an organic quality and the rhythm and
movement carry an invitation. Shapes can carry the essence of an experience, convey it and sometimes transcend it.




Foutu Tissu is a one-of-a-kind textile design and upholstery company whose vision is unique, original and, most importantly,
born out of a desire to take an eco-friendly approach to how we use household items.
Foutu Tissu’s communal workspace, where artisanal upholstery meets handmade screen printing, was born in 2007, when
woodworker and re-upholsterer, Isabelle Bergeron, joined forces with textile designer, Emanuelle Dion. Together, they decided
to create unique and original high-quality re-furbished furniture which relies on their mastery of design, hand-made screen
printing, and eco-consciousness. Foutu Tissu’s timeless designs defy the default industrially-produced design standard, in
favour of artistry, aesthetics and quality. As far as we’re concerned, when re-upholstery meets screen-printing, used meets
new, and fabric meets wood, any piece of old furniture can take on a new life, to fit in with contemporary interior design.



Loïc Bard explore different aspects of design while creating limited editions and exclusive objects. Their work is inspired by travels, minimalism and memories of childhood. Their objects are marked by organic shapes, simple lines and subtle details, allowing everyone to discover as well as to have an emotional experience and ownership of the object by integrating it into their own life.



The Otra workshop came to life through a common deep rooted passion to work towards sustainable development.
Otra’s products follow the “upcycling” movement which aims to re-evaluate the worth of waste by giving it second life.
This production process maintains inherently close ties with the eco-friendly philosophy.



 For more information http://www.interiordesignshow.com/

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