Sill to Sill the new Hackney City Farm shop

Notch produces a flower shop in London with recycled materials

by Malcolm Clark
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The winner of the competition of ideas to design a flower, fruit and vegetables shop made with recycled materials is called Sill to Sill. The competition, sponsored by the charity Hackney City Farm in London, was looking for design ideas that highlight the potential of waste as resources for construction.

The project, designed by the young office NOTCH architects - Sigrid Bylander, Julian Bond, Lucy Paton and Benedetta Rogers, reuses wood elements coming from waste and from the scaffolding used in the recovery of the houses in the neighbourhood. The structure thus becomes a symbolic element of the phenomenon of gentrification that characterizes the area of Hackney and East London in general.

The wide openings, which make up the façade, become sills to display the goods for sale. The openings are coloured with pastel tones to draw attention to the products on display.

The structure is developed through a construction model that requires minimum skills for execution and has enabled the collaboration of volunteers and the community at all stages of implementation.

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    Sill to Sill

    London / United Kingdom / 2013