The Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre in Montpellier

An intense and vibrant innovative, sustainable and removable cultural container

by Malcolm Clark
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In late September the Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre designed by French architects A+Architecture was officially opened in Montpellier France. An innovative and sustainable project made of wood, an intense and vibrant cultural centre located in a pine wood that contrasts with his natural environment.

A fire red volume, whose façade is wrapped with a “harlequin” pattern consisting of strategically arranged wooden panels which create the external pattern.

An “ecological” project based on a comprehensive environmental approach that focuses on energy efficiency in general and on environmental quality standards.

The entire building is made of wooden X-Lam plywood panels and can be dismantled and rebuilt on another site.

    Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre 26

    Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre

    Montpellier / France / 2013