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Velorapida: passion for details and technology

by roberta dragone
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Vintage e-bikes with the right mix between style and technology. It’s Velorapida, the new e-bike made in Italy meant for design lovers, who want the innovative technology of an e-bike without renouncing to elegance and vintage flair, as well as to care for details.

Battery is hidden in the front leather bag.
Thanks to the 250-watt motor allowing 5 different levels of speed, the bikes reach a speed of 25 km per hour for over 60 km.
All models are equipped with a LCD display to monitor and adjust the speed and to check the mileage, with automatic two-speeds SRAM transmission and with a wireless system stopping the motor when brakes are activated.
The wheels have hand mounted reinforced stainless steel spokes.
All the accessories and leather parts are made by Italian artisans.

For additional info: www.velorapida.com

Some models

Style: classic and elegant, it is the first electric bicycle in the world with rod brakes and coaster brakes

Style Man

Legend: its name says everything, elegant bike with leather wrapped handlebar, folded back brake levers and two-colour frame

Country: reinforced frame and wheels, ideal both for the country and the city

: naked to bite the asphalt, the latest trend, lightweight, fast and sporty

Mimetic: the newest, with reinforced steel frame, liquid painted with camouflage look, leather wrapped handlebar and folded back brake levers

The Black: liquid painted, black in every part and details, for a modern effect though maintaining the vintage style